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    Fidertech Corporation

    Our principle is based on technology, and looking forward to promote

    the quality of our life.

    At the beginning, we take the high technology

    market as the orientation, therefore, we proceed to material and

    photoelectric domains.We made our efforts to grow the magnificent

    world deeply in people’s heart, and our faith is, “Taken from

    the community, giving back to society.”

  • USL

    USL Applications In Aerospace


    Composite Materials



  • Our Services

    What can we do for you?

    Professional Team

    Provide equipment, security, and process design.

    Security Evaluation

    Establish integrate plant assessment for API standard.

    Thermoplastic material

    Development and Application of thermoplastic composite material

    LED Development

    Whole design and manufacturing of LED products

    Security control system

    Security control system which is in line with level. 3 of IEC61508.

  • Products

    C. A. Litzler

    Coating, Impregnating

    & Saturating

    C. A. Litzler

    Industrial Textile

    Treatment System

    C. A. Litzler

    Hotmelt Prepreg


    C. A. Litzler

    Dip Molding &

    Coating Systems

    C. A. Litzler

    Radio Frequency Oven

    C. A. Litzler

    Pulse System

    C. A. Litzler

    Infrared Heaters

    C. A. Litzler

    Convection Oven

    C. A. Litzler

    Combination Oven

    French Oil

    Composite Molding Press

    French Oil

    Heated Platen Press

    French Oil

    Lab Press

    French Oil

    Opening Hydraulic

    Press System

    French Oil

    Rubber Molding Press

    French Oil

    Transfer Molding Press

    French Oil

    Vacuum Molding Press


    Carbonization Line




    LT& HT Furnace


    Pulse System


    Pusher Tunnel Furnace


    Rotary Furnace


    Above 2500℃

    Ultra High Temperature Furnace


    Isobaric Double Belt Press


    HFC-6000 Nuclear Safety

    Grade Control System


    ECS-1200 Distributed

    Control System


    All-In-One Flame Scanner

  • Services

    Union with ES& H SOLUTIONS in 2014, provides services to domestic and foreign power plants and chemical factories.

    Integrated Plant Assessment

    Aging Management

    Health physics and environmental management

    Security control system of triple redundancy of nuclear instrument control standard.

    Scoping of decommissioning and decontamination.

    Consult of nuclear waste storage and disposal.

    Managements of decommissioning and decontamination project.

    Quality control and assurance of system.

  • Cooperate Partner


    Anguil’s company slogan may be “Committed to Cleaner Air and Water," but we are equally committed to the professional and personal success of our employees.


    BRACE GmbH is an internationally-active well recognized specialist for microsphere and microcapsule production.

    French Oil

    Established in 1920s, experienced more than 4,500s groups of molds.
    With high level of precise oil pressure system, demanding more than perfect.


    Established in early twentieth century, the expert of carbon fiber oxidation furnace.
    Complete your production line, makes the quality more stable.


    Established in 1949, continuous production line. Only one step, you could finish PREHEAT, HEATING, PRESSING, and COOLING.


    In nuclear power plant domain, experienced more than half of century, providing high technology service and decommissioning evaluation.


    Established in 1953, automatic production line, all the control system could be customized, and professional consultant, makes your production line impeccable.


    From our original formation in 1987, USL has grown to become the UK's only manufacturer of ultrasonic testing systems and instruments, in the process becoming one of the world's major suppliers to industry of automated and semi-automated systems.

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    13F., No.338, Minghua Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)